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Beta Rangers is a 2-4 player arena battler made in the Unity engine over a 6-week period. In Beta Rangers, you are one of the infamous rangers of the beta rangers. However, disaster has struck as you and your fellow rangers are getting ready to fight the giant monster attacking the city. All the power cells for your ranger's mechs have been destroy except for one. Now you must fight your fellow rangers for that power cell and use it to charge your Mech so that you can claim your victory and honor!

What I Worked On

Beta Rangers was worked on by a 4-person team and during its production, I was the lead programmer for the game. I worked with our project lead to help setup code diagrams and coding standards for the game. During Beta Rangers production, I worked on setting up the entire base framework for all the playable rangers such as life system, jumping, moving, melee attack, and super meter system. I also fully coded the blue and yellow rangers super and special attack mechanics. As the game continued to progress I became responsible for reviewing code to make sure it was up to the coding standards and optimizing it for the game. While working on player mechanics, I also was responsible for several other game features such as the respawn system, the character selection, game UI, and assisting with menu UI and polishing the game for playtest builds.

Team Members

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Beta Rangers Design Doc


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