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Developer: Funkitron Inc.
Publisher: Big Fish Games, Inc
Released: July 16, 2014
Updated: September 8, 2016
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Cascade is a match 3 based game, that was developed by Funkitron and published by Big Fish Games in July 2014. The game is about a mole named Jasper who loves collecting gems and travels throughout the world in the hunt for more gems. The game travels through different game lands with around 19 levels. Each land features a unique mechanic for that land which is then able to be used in other lands.

What I Worked on?

On this projected I worked with the Game Design and Art team through 4 land cycles, and one full release cycle. For this game, I was tasked with designing, scripting, and balancing new levels for different lands. The levels I made for the lands all were design around a unique mechanic that is introduced in each land. During the project I helped to contributed land setup and contributing to the design of new lands. I was also co-leader for one of the design of the upcoming lands. This involve coordinating with the art team on what we wanted the land to look and feel like, and communicating what we need in terms of the mechanic's design. This also involved creating an outline of a story and organizing level ideas. I participated in weekly game design planning meetings. Created and resolve bugs through fogbugz and managed code changes through Perforce.



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