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The TBD Game was a 5-person game project that I worked on with some friends in college. The idea behind the game is that you are a little robot named Robit who is exploring caverns with his trusty grappling hook. As Robit is collecting gems he notices that lava is coming out of the floor and it becomes a race to escape or be swallowed by the lava. We worked and made TBD in about a 2-month time period. Alex and Kasey oversaw programing the game physics, Enemies, and Robit (the player). Jacob made the level maps and Anna made the art. I oversaw version control, managing the game states such as switching between main menu and the game, as well as helping program file IO for the score and levels.

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Floor_is_lava ScreenShot 1 Floor_is_lava ScreenShot 2 Floor_is_lava ScreenShot 3 Floor_is_lava ScreenShot 4


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