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Pulp Legends


Pulp Legends is a 2D couch co-op/single player side scrolling platformer set in a noir/pulp fiction universe. You are Detectives with odd powers who work together to clean up the streets of their city.

Pulp Legends was made by our 4-person team over a 5-week timeline from start to finish. I acted as the Game's Project Leader during its production. I oversaw the entire team, from giving out weekly tasks, polishing and bug fixing builds before playtest, keeping the project on schedule, and managing the git repository. As well as being the project lead I was also heavily involved in programming for this game. I programed the entire UI for the game from character selection and menus to the game’s level UI. I also created the base framework for the two playable characters Sam Spade and Lucy Faire which include the moving, jumping, melee attacks, and the life system.

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