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Slime Spree


Slime Spree is a game that was made by Team Gunslingers for the RIT Imagine Cup Game Jam. Slime Spree was created by a 5-person team in Unity 5 during the 2-day time period of the Imagine Cup. Slime Spree is a 2D 4 player co-op survival game where each player is a slime with unique abilities and powers, but be careful because using your slime powers will weaken your own slime! The only way to regain your strength is to defeat enemy slimes, grab health drops or gain health from a fellow slime! You must work together with your fellow slimes to protect the chest of golden slimes before it is destroyed. Your goal is to survive as long as you can before the spike slimes overwhelm you.


Won Best Co-Op Game at Microsofts Imagine Cup @ RIT

What I worked on:

For Slime Spree, I worked on a variety of features during its development. I created the basic framework for each of the playable slime such as movement and health. Then I programmed the special mechanics for the yellow and red slime. I also worked with the other team members to help fix bugs wherever they occurred and assisted with animations for attacks.

Members of Team Gunslingers


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